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SF Restaurant: Boulibar

Today I took A out for his birthday at Boulibar in The Ferry Building. We have both been curious about it after passing by it many times. The interior is warmly lit and very pretty.

Simple review here: thumbs up :) We had two types of pizza, with my favorite being their Lola Sempre pizza. It is simple with a bright tomato sauce, basil, oregano and burrata. Plus a chewy and delicious crust. The other pizza we tried is their Musa pizza with spiced lamb sausage and yogurt. It is unique, well seasoned, and has the same chewy, yummy crust. Overall, lunch was really good and, per usual, I enjoyed watching all the activity and passerby of the Ferry Building outside the restaurant. It is fun to be here on the weekend. I’m “bookmarking” this restaurant as a place to visit more regularly.

Regarding the ambience, there are two dining rooms and concepts for this restaurant: Boulibar and Boulettes Larder. While you can order from either menu in either dining room, the interiors are different. Check out the website (linked below) for details. It’s worth noting in case you have a preference for one dining room over the other. We were interested in sitting in the Boulibar room since it is a different interior and has a different view of the Ferry Building. (Up until today we also weren’t aware that you could order from either menu in either space). Despite making the reservation for Boulibar, we were told reservations were being sat in the Boulettes Larder space. Not a big deal, but in future I’ll make sure to specify my preference in my reservation.

Website: Boulibar
1 Ferry Building #35
San Francisco, CA 94111

SF Restaurant: Barzotto

This is one of my favorite SF restaurants. Food is delicious and the space is lovely. My friend and I turned a visit into a photoshoot and artwork session. Photo credit goes to my friend Patrick Lu. Please check out his work at

Project: Food Photography + Illustration (IG illustration)

Restaurant: Barzotto
Location: Mission District, San Francisco, CA