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DIY: Simple framing
A simple yellow clip in lieu of a frame

A simple yellow clip in lieu of a frame

I visited my friends and their baby over the weekend. An illustration I drew of Tartine Manufactory is hanging near their kitchen. They used a simple DIY framing hack: a yellow clip pinned to the wall with a clear pushpin. It’s a great solution if you’re looking for a simple, easy framing solution. They have multiple prints hanging in their home in this way. It gives their home a fun, artistic touch. (Illustration is available on, visit:

Custom Portrait

#Project: A custom portrait that I did this holiday for a client in New York. This is the client's daughter, niece, and nephew. We did the portrait using pen and ink, and color pencil. Their sweet faces were alot of fun to draw.

For this project, I created a custom portrait that we digitized to a hi-resolution digital file for the client to use to print holiday cards and stationery. 

SF Restaurant: Barzotto

This is one of my favorite SF restaurants. Food is delicious and the space is lovely. My friend and I turned a visit into a photoshoot and artwork session. Photo credit goes to my friend Patrick Lu. Please check out his work at

Project: Food Photography + Illustration (IG illustration)

Restaurant: Barzotto
Location: Mission District, San Francisco, CA