Writing Again, Nordstrom, and the little things

Earlier this year, I made it a resolution to write more, cook more, and fundraise more; I’ve been less focused on these as the year got away with full-time work projects. I’m learning SQL for my full-time job as a Special Projects Manager in Tech. Although it’s already September (oye- where did the time go?!), I’m renewing my resolutions from January to focus again specifically on writing and fundraising more for No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels.

What do the photos in this post have anything to do with it? It’s a bit stream-of-consciousness but here goes:

  1. I opened the September issue of one of the editorials I subscribe to. I saw a multi-page ad announcing Nordstrom’s October NYC Flagship opening. I loved all the photos (done by Gus Powell in collaboration with Joel Meyerowitz).

  2. I thought, “Everyone is always talking about the death of department stores/in-store experiences as places like Amazon dominate. But there is something to be said for in-store experiences and the kindness and spirit, for example, that you can have in real life.” One of my first jobs was working retail and I deeply appreciated all the people I met and interacted with.

  3. I started reflecting on life and pausing to think about all the little things. (I told you stream-of-consciousness!). I mused about what I am working on this year and realized I’d lost track of some of my original resolutions this year. Which brings me to this post and making the renewed commitment to get back to these focuses.

  4. And now to share a bit about the illustration. Like I said in bullet #2, I loved all the photos of the campaign. If you have a chance check them out. (Nordstrom Instagram, Gus Powell ad campaign)

  5. And if you’d like to read more about the Nordstrom Flagship Opening, here’s an article from earlier this year: Nordstrom Sets October Opening for New York Flagship Store.

Photos and video of the above illustrations can be seen on my Instagram.